ReFind Magnetic Airtag Holder

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【Strong neodymium N54 magnet】For secure attachment on metal surfaces, perfect for Apple AirTag, apple air tag case, apple airtag case, apple airtag holder

【Universal use】Magnetic tracker holder for car tacker, truck tracker, motorcycle tracker, bike tracker, bicycle tracker, boats, trailer tracker, containers, transformers, power tools, camping gear, and more

【Impact resistant】Apple AirTag case for protection from scratches, drops. Dust proof airtag case, waterproof airtag holder & waterproof airtag case

【IP67 Waterproof】High-quality silicone seal for all-weather protection of your Apple AirTag,  P09 tracker, apple airtag car tracker, apple airtag accessories

【Discreet and Hidden design】keep your Apple AirTag as a hidden tracker and secret tracker. Hidden airtag holder bike & airtag holder waterproof. Slim and light apple air tag holder bike. Dimensions: 38mm Diameter x 15.1mm Depth


Designed for ReFind P09 tracker & Apple AirTag (*AirTag not included). This magnetic Apple AirTag holder works as car GPS, truck GPS, motorcycle GPS, bicycle GPS, boat GPS , trailer GPS, containers tracker, caravan tracker, power tools tracker. Fit to all magnetic metal surfaces. Shield your Apple AirTags from scratches, scuffs, drops. The Apple AirTag accessories include an extra-strong sticker for non-metal surfaces. Discreet black design & low-profile ring ensures your Apple AirTags remain concealed from sight. Adhesive tracker not needed. This versatile Apple AirTag holder is perfect for a wide range of applications. The impact-resistant design protects your Apple AirTag: scratch proof tracker, anti scuff , drop proof. With the ReFind Magnetic Airtag Holder experience the convenience and reliability of a secure tracker, waterproof GPS, and impact-resistant Apple AirTag protection. This magnetic holder is compatible with apple airtag bike, apple airtag car tracker, apple air tag case, apple airtag case, apple air tag holder, apple airtag holder, apple air tag holder bike, apple air tags, apple airtags 2 pack, apple air tag single, apple airtag single, apple air tags uk, apple tags air, aur tag, belkin airtag case, apple airtag accessories, itag, otterbox airtag case, otterbox airtag holder, single airtag, tagvault, waterproof airtag case, waterproof airtag holder, belkin airtag holder, airtag apple, air tagg, airtag holder, airtag holder belkin, airtag holder bike, airtag holders, airtag holder waterproof, airtags 2 pack, air tags apple, air tags+ apple, airtags apple, airtags holder, airtag single, airtag sticker, airtag waterproof case, air tah, apple air-tag, apple airtag 1, apple airtag 2 pack, airtag 2 pack, air tag, airtag battery, airtag case, air tag holder, air tag keyring, airtag keyring, airtags, air tags, air tags-2 pack, air tags-4 pack, apple, apple airtag, apple air tag, apple tag, gps tracker, ring, tag, tracker tag, airtag