[6pcs] ReFind Mag-Safe Ring

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[6PCS MULTIPACK] We give you 6 ReFind Mag-Safe rings with each purchase, allowing you to equip 6 different devices with Mag-Safe capabilities.


[STRONG 3M MAGNETIC RING FOR STRONG ATTACHMENT] The ReFind Mag-Safe ring uses 3M technology, sticking securely to any surface: Stopping the risk of losing contact with your charger unwillingly.


[SLIM AND LIGHTWEIGHT] The ReFind Mag-Safe ring has a sleek and slender design, fitting flushly with any surface. Despite its supreme quality each ring weighs just 2.5 grams.

[EASY INSILLATION] The ReFind Mag-Safe ring is easy to install. It simply attaches using its 3M adheasive backing.


[Mag-Safe UPGRADE] Enjoy a strong magnetic connection with your wireless Mag-Safe charger and Mag-Safe wallet.

The ReFind Mag-Safe ring is the perfect solution to your Mag-Safe grip needs. The rings strong magnetic strength ensures a strong connection between your phone and your ESR wireless charger. Our Mag-Safe ring magnet is also perfect for all other Mag-Safe accessories including Mag-Safe wallets. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, featuring high durability, strong 3M attachment and powerful magnetic pull. The 3M adhesive is capable of connecting securely to all cases and phones, whether it is silicone, leather of glass. These Android/ iPhone stickers are a practical and cost effective solution to a common problem of unwanted disconnection from your Mag-Safe product. Our 6pcs multi pack allows you to fit up to 6 of your house hold devices with Mag-Safe capabilities. You can chose either 6pcs black phone ring or 6pcs chrome silver phone ring depending on your colour preference. Our 6pcs deal makes the ReFind Mag-Safe ring better value for money than its competitors. This coupled with its high quality and sleek design really does set apart the ReFind Mag-Safe ring from its rivals. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at refindtracking@gmail.com with any enquires.