Find My M04 Smart Tracker (IOS Only)

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【Global Positioning】 Experience Worldwide, Live time tracking on the apple Find My Network (iOS Only). You can now trace your possessions across continents making it the perfect luggage tracker.


【One-Click Search】 Find your belongings with a single tap on your apple iPhone, iPad or MacBook screen. Simply by using the Find My App, your device will be displayed on the apple map.


【Left-Behind Alarm】 This Key finder sends instant alerts to your apple devices when you accidentally forget an item, providing an immediate chance to retrieve it.


【Lost Mode】 Activate Lost Mode to display a personalized message along with your contact information. In the event someone else finds your lost item, they can easily connect with you, facilitating the safe return of your find my device.


【Nordic Chip】 This tracker tag uses the most advanced imported Nordic chip for the highest functionality. Meaning that this key tracker is Bluetooth 5.2 enabled.


This coin-shaped air tag alternative, measuring just 37.2mm in diameter and 8.9mm in depth, is your slim and light companion for ensuring that your keys, luggage, wallet, or bags are never out of your reach.

This airtag alternative tracker leverages the extraordinary capabilities of the Apple Find My Network, accessible exclusively on iOS devices. With this powerful technology, you gain the ability to track your items globally, from your mobile phone, reducing your worry of loss and theft.

Locate your possessions on your smartphone screen, eliminating the frantic searches that often accompany misplaced items. Unlike many other tags and airtags this accessory comes with a keychain for easy attachment to a keyring. Our key ring does not fit as an airtag keyring. This apple air tag alternative offers a built-in Left-Behind Alarm that sends instant notifications to your device, minimizing the chance of forgetting your items.

Activate lost mode to display a custom message along with your contact information on the tracking device. If someone else comes across your lost item and has a supported device, they can view this message, making it easier for them to connect with you and facilitate its return. 

Our apple airtag alternative runs on a user-replaceable CR2032 battery, the same as the airtag battery, offering an impressive lifespan of 300-365 days. This remarkable endurance is made possible by the high-performance imported Nordic chip, which excels at tracking while maintaining minimal power consumption. Making this mini slim tracker the ideal pets tracker, suitcase tracker, wallet tracker, cat tracker, dog tracker, vehicle tracker and secret personal tracker. Follow your cat or dog and discover the secret life of pets.

 To top it off, the smart Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity ensures that your tracker is always ready to connect to your iOS device, providing stable and efficient tracking capabilities. This is NOT a 2 pack or 4 pack- Each smarttag is sold separately.