ReFind Light Ring iPhone Case

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  • [Three modes of lights] The first light mode is 'warm light'. This produces a warm and comfortable glow. Secondly, ‘White light' produces sharp and defined images perfect for passport photos and selfies. Finally, 'Yellow light' has a natural look with an organic feel.
  • [Slim profile] The cases sleek and elegant design offers the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. At just 40 grams our cases are very light. Our cases fit perfectly around the corners of your phone giving a snug secure fit.
  • [Phone protection] Whilst our ReFind Ring light case is multi-functional, phone protection is still our priority. the case has a solid moulded TPU shell which absorbs impact. Corners of the screen are protected by the leading edges of the case.
  • [No power cable required] Our ReFind Ring Light Phone cases do not require external power via USB to work. By using the charging port on your phone, you can use the phone case light anywhere in the world without having to recharge the case. When the light is not in use, the case does not draw any power from the phone making it extremely charge effective.
  • [Doubles as a phone stand] By placing the light ring perpendicular to the phone the case becomes a stand for entertainment such as films or business purposes such as zoom meetings.
  • [180 Degree lighting] The ring light moves on a hinge allowing the light to face any point within this rotation. This allows for creative lighting techniques and can be used as a torch in dark surroundings.
  • [Enquiries or tech support] Please contact us at


The ReFind Light Ring IPhone case is an innovative solution to numerous cell phone photography and camera issues. The case’s large LED ring ensures a bright illumination of its immediate surroundings. For photography, it can be used as a light booster, reducing side on shadow making it ideal for passport photography and selfie’s. The Case is perfect for those who wish to touch up their make up on the go as it can remain running for long as the user pleases. For those users who wish to video in the dark this case is ideal as the three light settings allow for different moods and coloration of footage. The ReFind Light Ring IPhone case also works as a stand to watch various media or attend meetings with. This functionality coupled with its sleek and light design (40 grams) makes it both useful and stylish. Finally, the protection this case offers is substantial which dramatically reduces the likelihood of damage to your phone. For any enquiries or tech support please contact us at