ReFind Computer Shade

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Portable Anti-Glare protection. Work Outdoors with Sun, Heat and Weather protection and Privacy.

  • [Anti-glare] The ReFind computer shade blocks sunlight from the screen and its surrounding area stopping screen glare and reflection. The black inner layer absorbs the light to give a great viewing experience.
  • [Heat shield] Heat is reflected by the silver exterior layer of the ReFind computer shade. This ensures that your device remains cool in hot conditions.
  • [Portable] The ReFind computer shade is extremely portable due to its foldaway construction. The folded shade is easily fitted into its travel bag.
  • [Privacy protection] The ReFind computer shade keeps your screen activity away from prying eyes giving you privacy.
  • [Suitable for laptops, tablets & phones] Our computer shade is suitable for all devices with screen sizes up to 18 inches (45cm).
  • [Weather protection] Working outside exposes you to the weather. With the ReFind computer shade your device is protected from water damage and wind damage.


The ReFind computer shade is the perfect solution for working outdoors. Stop screen glare and reflections with our laptop sun shade. Its tent like construction makes the device easily portable due to its ability to fold away compactly. Working outside has never been easier. The silver outer layer reflects the light ensuring heat is not absorbed, keeping your laptop cool. The ReFind computer shade is compatible for all laptops & MacBook’s with up to 18 inch screens. This sun shade hood is great for privacy, keeping your screen away from prying eyes. If you have any questions, please email us at: