Pink ReFind R4 Smart Tracker

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【Universal Smartphone Compatibility】Our ReFind R4 smart tags are for android and apple devices. It works as a Samsung smart tag, apple tracker tag, galaxy smart tag, android airtag & tile tracker.

【Multiple Functions】The ReFind R4 airtag tracker has numerous functionalities: Dog tracker & Cat tracker, Wallet tracker, suitcase tracker, key tracker & tile tracker. Attachable to keyring, collar, luggage loop and more.

【Advanced User Features】Disconnection alarm: When enabled, alarm sounds on both tracker and smartphone when connection is lost. Alarm on demand: User can sound alarm from tracker to find connected smartphone device & vice versa. Smart tag can also be used to take selfie on smartphone.

【Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity】Strong Bluetooth connectivity enabling live time tracking. Live tracking capabilities through smartphone application. Range of 50 metres.

【Long Battery Life】Our item finders boast a long battery life (In Standby): 6 months. We install a free CR2032 battery inside each ReFind tracker tag.

The ReFind R4 Smart Tracker is the perfect android airtag and apple tag item finder. This versatile tracker tag is not just an item finder but a comprehensive solution for all your tracking needs. Whether you're looking for a key tracker, luggage tracker, samsung smart tag, or a smart tag for your everyday items this is the pinnacle of item finders.

Experience seamless connectivity with our Bluetooth 5.0 enabled tracker, ideal for live tracking of your pets and belongings. As a top-tier dog tracker and cat tracker, it ensures your furry friends are always safe. More than just an animal tracker; this air tags a wallet tracker, suitcase tracker, and key finder, making it a must-have tile tracker.

This Samsung tracker tag is set apart from traditional tractive gps dog trackers and other tracker devices and apple tags. The disconnection alarm alerts you on both the tracker and phone smartphone apps, making it a reliable car tracker and gps tracker car.

This smart tag works flawlessly as an air tag tracker, apple key finder, and android tracker tag. It's the ideal airtag alternative for those seeking a samsung tag tracker or galaxy smart tag. Powered by a CR2032 battery making it an essential airtag dog, air tag dog collar, and gps cat tracker collar for small pets.

This apple tracker tag equivalent works as an airtag for kids, suitcase tracker android, and even as a location tag. Its diverse functionality extends to being an efficient samsung smart tag plus, samsung galaxy smart tag, and smarttag for all your valuable possessions. This smart tag plus device is a game-changer in the world of trackers.
Whether you need a tractive gps cat tracker, apple dog tracker, or a general-purpose location tracker, this gps keyring is your go-to choice. Its wide range of applications includes serving as a glasses finder, magnetic mini gps tracker, and even a pitpat gps tracker. Choose this galaxy tag for an unmatched tracking experience.