Blue ReFind R4 Smart Tracker

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  • 【Universal Smartphone Compatibility】Our ReFind smart tags for android and apple devices. Samsung smart tag, apple tracker tag, galaxy smart tag, android tracker tag.
  • 【Multiple Functions】The ReFind air tag tracker has numerous functionalities: Tracking collar for cat & dog, wallet tracker, suitcase tracker, key finder. Attachable to keyring, collar, luggage loop and more.
  • 【Advanced User Features】Disconnection alarm: When enabled, alarm sounds on both tracker and smartphone when connection is lost. Alarm on demand: User can sound alarm from tracker to find connected smartphone device & vice versa. Smart tag can also be used to take selfie on smartphone.
  • 【Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity】Strong Bluetooth connectivity enabling live time tracking. Live tracking capabilities through smartphone application. Range of 50 metres.
  • 【Long Battery Life】Our item finders boast a long battery life (In Standby): 6 months. We install a free CR2032 battery in each tracker tag.


Our smart tracker integrates bluetooth technology with a purpose built app, designed to make finding your possessions effortless. Our lightweight, simplistic design is perfect for keychains, pet collars and wallets making it the perfect tracking device for all purposes. Pets Every pet owner dreads the idea of loosing their pet. Our tracker offers protection against this horrible occurrence. -Attachment to the pets collar is easy thanks to the incorporated ring within the tracker. Luggage: We all know the feeling of losing something too well. Whether its your keys, wallet or luggage its a horrible experience regardless. Being able to track such possessions is an important safety net from loosing them. - Ideal for key rings -The smart tracker will fit inside your wallet and luggage with ease, due to its low profile and light design. People: The scariest experience any parent can feel is the loss of a child. The peace of mind having a means of tracking them is crucial for many parents. -The tracker can fit in pockets and attached to clothing making it ideal for personal application. Smart features: The ReFind has an inbuilt speaker which bleeps (approx. 20 decibels) if it feels your possession is in danger of being lost. Smart remind: Left your phone behind? Don't worry ReFind will make a sound to alert you. Device notification: Left your wallet behind in the cafe? Our app will remind you in time via phone notification. One touch find: Cannot find your car key while rushing to work? Just one press on the app will make Refind Bleep, along side our accurate In-app GPS tracking. Condition is "New". Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class Large Letter.