[4Pcs] ReFind Radiator Drying Rack

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  • 【Energy Saving】: By Using the ReFind Radiator Drying Rack you can use any radiator already turned on to heat the house. No need for expensive additional energy usage on Tumble Dryer washing machines or heated electric clothes dryers
  • 【Space Saving】Conventional clothes drying racks use a lot of space. Our clothes dryer is perfect for apartments, small rooms indoors, bathrooms & Kitchens. 4 Bar shelf construction gives large area for airing. Dimensions: (50x14.5x34.5cm)
  • 【High Quality & Corrosion Resistant】Made from Powder Coated Corrosion resistant Metal pipe. Manufactured using Spot Welding & Line bending technology
  • 【Multipurpose】Ideal for university dorm rooms, hotels, balconies, bathrooms, garages, windowsills, fences, hallways & guardrails. Perfect for drying clothes, towels, bedding & more.
  • 【Non-Slip & Non-Marking】Each point of contact our drying rack makes with the object it is hung on, has a high quality anti-slip plastic end preventing marking and scratches.

The ReFind radiator drying rack is the simple and economical way to dry you wet belongings. Your belongings are air dried with the assistance of heat from hanging next to the radiator. Our radiator airer works as a heated clothes dryer by utilising the existing heat from the radiator. This reduces house hold energy use and cost. The clothing airer has a space saving design perfect for apartments, student dorms, toilets, kitchen storage, hotels, bedrooms, utility rooms, radiators, baths, windowsills, fences, guardrails, hallways, gardens etc. Our clothes air dryer uses far less space than a traditional self-standing clothes horse. The ReFind clothes rack has the following measurements: 50cm X 14.5cm X 34.5cm. The 4 fold clothes airer has four large rails, 50cm long, to hang clothes and other items on. The Air dryer rack is made of only high quality material, making it corrosion resistant, non marking, non scratching. This item is a great way to save space, energy & time making it the ideal solution for your airing rack needs. If you have any questions about our clothing rack dryer please feel free to email us at: refindtracking@gmail.com, we are always happy to help!